Quality Assurance

Mechanic Repairing a Car

Quality Reliability

Quality control of products begins from Raw material itself.

Raw Material

Forgings are procured using steel from approved steel mills only. Forgings are received Heat Code Wise in duly Isothermally Annealed/ Normalized condition. Following Checks are carried out before further processing :

  • Visual Inspection for cracks and folds
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Check of Chemical Composition by spectro Analysis
  • Hardness
  • Jominy hardenability
  • Micro Structure and Inclusions
  • Grains size and Grain Flow

In Process

  • First off inspection
  • Patrol Inspection at defined interval as per control plan
  • For Bevel Geras check tooth contact in soft gears
  • Before Heat treatment Inspection for all parts
  • For Bevel Gears Final Testing to ensure back- lash at correct mounting distance, tooth contact, run out and marking mounting distance variations.

Heat Treatment

Batches are subjected to checks on

  • Effective Case Depth
  • Core and Surface Hardness
  • Microstructure – Case and core
  • Flatness and Ocality of bore for Crown Wheels
  • Straightness for Shafts
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection by Magnaflux
Heat Treatment Process

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